Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you, sir, take this Octopus?

Some of you may have already seen the amazing Octopus cake that Karen made last year for Aqua Vino. Lucky for us, a couple of clients saw it and asked us to recreate it for their wedding that will take place tomorrow on Tybee Island.

The couple said they are going for a "whimsical pirate theme". Hopefully none of the guests are sent overboard. Aarrrgh, matey!

May we wish them all the best in beginning their new life together. Tentacles and all.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Congratulations!

Our beloved boss, Karen, recently celebrated another birthday and we (the rest of the cake team) were lucky enough to join in on the fun. We spend our days creating beautiful cakes. That being said, we wanted to make sure that Karen was presented with only the very best so that she knows how much we truly appreciate her. The cake was most certainly a gem and Karen is allowing us to share it with the world.

Wait for it...

Self-explanatory... sometimes we just don't get it.

Happy Congratulations!The standard Louis Vuitton purse cake. We like to keep it classy.

If you want that special someone to know how you really feel, please include a paragraph on your cake. No really, we mean it.

A cupcake pull-apart on a cake... who knew? The sky's the limit here at Highland Bakery!

We like to include all of one's interests on a cake so that the world can know just who they are. Designer brands, religion, babies-- you name it, we can add it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cake Me Out to the Ballgame, Part II

This past Sunday, August 8th, Highland Bakery joined forces with the Atlanta Braves to celebrate their mascot's birthday and Ultimate Kids' Day in the only way we know how-- BIG.
Heidi and Karen adding the final touches at the Bakery
Karen making sure Homer is perfect for his fans
A cake on a cake! Even though he was all cake, we wanted somewhere to put a candle so that he could make a wish. World Series 2010, perhaps?

The cake was a huge hit. We didn't serve Homer, but instead we served a few hundred mini cupcakes along with two of our large sheet cakes, which was also a success. It seemed that every Braves fan with a sweet tooth was in line to snag a piece and we were happy to serve!
Myself, Heidi, Nikki, and Karen with Homer

Karen, Juno, Homer, and Homer!

Other local mascots came to help Homer celebrate as well basketball stars from the WNBA Atlanta Dream and the Atlanta Braves Drumline. Ultimate Kids' Day proved itself to be one heck of an event and Highland Bakery was thrilled to be in the middle of it all.

Juno with the members of the WNBA Atlanta Dream

The Atlanta Braves Drumline getting the crowd pumped up!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Full Speed Ahead, Mr. Barkley, Full Speed Ahead!

Groom's cakes, a long-standing tradition that has evolved over the past few centuries, have become a way to add a more playful element to the wedding. They are always a treat for us at Highland Bakery and this week was no exception. We had a couple of very intricate groom's cakes, one an iconic image from a song many of us know and love. Heidi Peterson, one of our cake artists, recreated the Beatles' Yellow Submarine for a wedding this weekend. We know quite well how incredibly talented Heidi is, but this cake really blew us out of the water-- pun intended. Her Yellow Submarine looks like a cartoon come to life; with every detail so precise, we know that the Fab Four would approve.